Snubby Awards: 1971 Results/1970 Nominations

First of all, let’s pour one out for Sean O’Neal, who deserves a pre-emptive Snubby for his finally-completed Dan In Real Life 2 script. He took a chance on me at the mothership when I was years out of practice as a writer, and it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be doing the Snubbies or much writing at all if I hadn’t had that confidence booster.

Now, as I’ve been contemplating winding down the Snubbies, we’ve suddenly had a resurgence in voter participation, as people came out in droves to vote for Willy Wonka. Here are the scrumdillyumptious results:

Best Cast
The Last Picture Show

Best Voicework
(no award)

Best Stuntwork
The French Connection

Best Snubbed Supporting Actor
Andrew Robinson, Dirty Harry

Best Snubbed Supporting Actress
Cybil Shepard, The Last Picture Show

Best Snubbed Actor
Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
(narrowly beating out Malcolm McDowell for A Clockwork Orange)

Best Snubbed Actress
Ruth Gordon, Harold and Maude

Best Snubbed Director
Mel Stuart, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Best Snubbed Picture
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

As always, runners-up and past vote totals can be found here.

Now, onto 1970, as the Auteur Decade comes to a close in reverse. Patton was the big movie at the Oscars, but Airport got a surprising amount of love from the Academy. I had always assumed it was a dumb, trashy blockbuster, but apparently having Dean Martin attached gives you instant arthouse credibility.

As always, suggest as many films and performances as you want, and upvote as many as you feel are deserving (your own suggestions included!). Top five vote-getters in every category will be our Snubby nominees, we’ll vote on them next week, and the winners will receive a gold statue of Spike Lee.

Aaaaand I almost forgot the part where I list the actual Oscar nominees from 1970, who are therefore not eligible for the Snubby.

Best Picture
Five Easy Pieces
Love Story

Best Director
Franklin J. Schafner, Patton
Federico Fellini, Fellini Satyricon
Arthur Hiller, Love Story
Robert Altman, M*A*S*H
Ken Russell, Women in Love

Best Actress
Glenda Jackson, Women in Love
Jane Alexander, The Great White Hop
Ali MacGraw, Love Story
Sarah Miles, Ryan’s Daughter
Carrie Snodgrass, Diary of a Mad Housewife

Beset Actor
George C. Scott, Patton
Melvyn Douglas, I Never Sang for My Father
James Earl Jones, The Great White Hope
Jack Nicholson, Five Easy Pieces
Ryan O’Neal, Love Story

Best Supporting Actress
Helen Hayes, Airport
Karen Black, Five Easy Pieces
Lee Grant, The Landlord
Sally Kellerman, M*A*S*H
Maureen Stapleton, Airport

Best Supporting Actor
John Mills, Ryan’s Daughter
Richard S. Castellano, Lovers and Other Strangers
Chief Dan George, Little Big Man
Gene Hackman, I Never Sang For My Father
John Marley, Love Story