The Weekly History Thread

Welcome to this week’s history thread. As we’ve done for the past few weeks, I’ll dispense with a discussion question; it doesn’t seem to have seriously inhibited discussion, and it saves me the three brain cells I might otherwise expend thinking one up.

Today’s picture: It’s the 100th anniversary of the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanovs at Yekaterinburg by the Bolsheviks. Having been held prisoner for over a year since the Tsar’s abdication, the Romanov family lived in an uneasy existence as their captors debated what to do with them. Finally, the approach of troops of the Czechoslovak Legion convinced local Bolsheviks of the need to dispose of the Romanovs in order to eradicate a rallying point for White Army troops, and they were executed in rather gruesome fashion in the basement of the farmhouse where the Bolsheviks kept them prisoner.