The Great Muppet Tournament – Nominations

It goes without saying that Muppets are amazing, but which one is the amazingest? With this tournament, we will find the definitive, indisputable answer.


  • Nominees must be physical puppets. Animated characters, just as Muppet Babies or Sesame Street cartoons do not count. Baby Muppets, however, from Miss Piggy’s fantasy sequence in The Muppets Take Manhattan are eligible for nomination. Human characters and Very Special Guests are not eligible, because they are not Muppets.
  • Nominees must be made by Jim Henson Studios or affiliated companies. Avenue Q characters, not being affiliated with Jim Henson Studios, are not eligible for this tournament.
  • Nominees can be from any property or universe. This includes, but is not limited to: The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, all the movies, direct-to-video productions, and even puppets created for other production companies.
  • Nominate characters with top-level comments here (one nominee per comment, please), and upvote your favorites. Downvotes will not be counted. Feel free to argue bitterly in reply to nominations.

The size of the bracket will be determined by the number of nominees, most likely a single-elimination bracket.

Nominations will be open all weekend, closing Monday, July 16 at noon, Pacific.