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Job Rants Thread – 7/13/2018: Bad Luck Edition

Happy Friday, all-

So this week, not only are more companies either moving their operations out of the US or feeling the squeeze from our Combatant-in-Chief’s peerless navigation of the Trade War he started, but we also found out at the start of the week that The A.V. Club, the once-beloved pop-culture site that helped spawn this mad little collective of ours, is up for sale; not even a year after being acquired by Univision.  Despite the somewhat acrimonious way that relationship with them ended with many of us, there are plenty of good memories to hold onto; with many close friendships and even loving relationships being born from that association.

So, in that spirit, why not pull up a chair, order up a basket of our new jalapeno Zodiac Motherpoppers or Zweibel rings with spicy Dawes sauce, and wash it all down with a complementary pitcher