Well, Promethea’s a Major Player in the Day Thread Scene

This is the third part of a series of headers spotlighting my 10 favorite albums.

the lonesome crowded west

Here’s the man with teeth like God’s shoeshine
He sparkles, shimmers, shines
Let’s all have another Orange Julius
Thick syrup standing in lines
The malls are the soon-to-be ghost towns
Well, so long, farewell, goodbye

My 8th-favorite album is The Lonesome Crowded West. Modest Mouse’s second album is unlike anything else that’s been recorded. Its combination of heavy, dissonant guitars with bouncy blues rhythms and Isaac Brock’s unholy squawking makes it sound totally unique, and more than that, it’s an album occupying a thematic space no band other than Modest Mouse has really occupied. The Lonesome Crowded West is an album about the oppressiveness of wide open spaces, and the feeling of moving endlessly without ever getting anywhere. It’s 100% an artifact of the rural American West, and it does a fantastic job of putting you fully in that zone.