Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Jul. 10

Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Jul. 10 – Introducing today’s contestants:

– Doug, a business and technology consultant from New York, gave himself a surprise party;
– Becky, an operations engineer from Colorado, has finally seen an ocean; and
– Wes, a stand-up comedian and storyteller from Massachusetts, who hosts a show that features other storytellers. Wes is a one-day champ with winnings of $14,400.

Becky ran a literature category in DJ to extend her lead, but Wes got the last clue of the round, which was important as it brought him to within two-thirds of Becky’s score. Going into FJ it was Becky with $18,400, Wes at $13,200 and Doug with $3,800.

DD1 – THE FBI’S 10 MOST WANTED LIST – The list was already full, but this man was specially added in April 1968 after a high-profile Memphis murder (Becky won $1,000)

DD2 – LITERARY TYPES – In Sauk Centre, Minnesota, a street (not Main Street) is named for this author born there in 1885 (Becky won $2,000)

DD3 – ENDANGERED ANIMALS – Found only in Vietnam and Laos, the Saola has parallel horns, yet it’s also called “the Asian” this mythical creature (Doug won $2,000)

FJ – AGRICULTURE – Turkey is the world’s largest producer of these fruits; its town of Cerasus was famous for them

For the second straight game, Wes made a small wager to put the pressure on the leader to be correct, which worked out when everyone missed FJ once again. Wes dropped only $805 to win with $12,395 for a two-day total of $26,795.

Wagering strategy: Assuming that Becky had observed how Wes had wagered from second place on the previous game’s FJ in a similar two-thirds situation, the percentage play for her would have been to make a small bet from the lead. This would automatically give her the win if Wes made a small bet again, which was probably more likely than Becky getting FJ right (unless she really loved the category).

Triple Stumper of the day: Perhaps the players hadn’t yet figured out the theme of the “Nat Geo” category when they couldn’t come up with “One life to give” Revolutionary War figure Nathan Hale.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – Who was James Earl Ray?
DD2 – Who was Sinclair Lewis?
DD3 – What is a unicorn?
FJ – What are cherries?