AVO Chintzees

Job Rants Thread – 7/6/2018

Happy Friday, all –

So, the job rate’s apparently going up, but that in-turn is offset by the fact that employers are still gun shy about increasing wages; particularly in light of our expected Trade War with China. More young people and blue collar labor is entering the workforce, but positions in fields such as retail are taking a hit; likely in part thanks to the Age of Amazon. Is it a time for work and worry, or do you feel secure in your respective positions?  Either way, the Happy Hour menu is out, and drinks are half-price until you’re too drunk to remember and pay full-price at the end of the night.



Sugar-roasted Carolina Reaper Corn Nuts – $4.99

Vodka-braised Sausage Nuggets – $5.00

Avocado Clam Dip – 5.00 (w/ unlimited refill)


Lemoncello Citrus Gin-fizz – $3.79

Blue Curacao  Mystery Gulp (Guess the second ingredient and get it free!) – $3.99 + waiver

12 oz. tumbler of scotch – Market price