Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 22: “Made of Honor”

Alright! So alot happened. Pearl obsessing over the ceremony. Peridot complaining. Amethyst nonchalantly throwing chairs. Ruby and Sapphire being cute. Oh and Bismuth’s back.

Bismuth’s back!

So, like most episodes this week, it initially starts with reacting with the revelation, before diving down into the emotional core of why it affect them. For Bismuth, she felt more guilt then betrayal, and couldn’t see herself as a Crystal Gem anymore because of her attempted shattering of Steven. But, with Steven’s support, she moves past well, the past, and makes one of the best attempts at a make up gift.

I’m gonna be missing on a few Stray Observations. There’s just so much that this is gonna need a rewatch.

Of a few dozen.

Stray Observations

  • Ruby again takes the best line of the episode, “If you wanna drink the cow, you gotta put a ring on it.”
  • Hey! We have more Crystal Gem names! I can already hear the Wacom tablets scritch a scratching from thousands of fan artists already.
  • This was probably the most contained when a Gem was told of Rose’s secret.