Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 22: The Question

This week is an historic event in television. Never before, so far as I am aware, has a family-friendly show featured a same-gender wedding. Ruby and Sapphire are getting married.

That’s real, and that’s happening.


Forgive me. I cannot contain my excitement. Let’s try again and talk about today’s episode.

Before this arc we’ve never really had a chance to see Ruby and Sapphire truly apart. In Jailbreak they were kept separated, and in Keystone Motel they fought one another, but this is the first time in their long, long lives that they’ve ever spent an extended amount of time away from one another. Fittingly, it’s a big moment for Ruby’s development, as spending time with Greg and his comic book collection inspires her to make the most of finding out who she is without her 5750-year relationship.

Much of the episode is taken up by her, Greg, Steven, and Amethyst’s trip out into the mountains (where exactly did they go? The scenery suggested the Rockies, but that’s an awful long way from coastal Delaware) to give Ruby’s decision to try out being a cowgirl a shot based on one of Greg’s comic book heroes. The centerpiece is the charming “Ruby Rider”, an old-school country ballad in which Ruby announces her newfound independence… only to admit to Steven almost immediately after that what she’s learned about herself is that, much like the lonesome hero of her cowboy comic, while she can be on her own, she’d prefer to be with her lover… but on their own terms. Overall after the heavy emotional charge of the last several episodes, and in anticipation of what looks to be a tense finale, this one is almost lighter fare, providing a few much-needed giggles and one big “awww!” moment in the form of her (extremely dramatic– us gays sure are extra sometimes) horseback proposal to Sapphire.

Her proposal of marriage. To Sapphire, who is also a she.


Stray Observations

  • Seems Rose never told Greg about her past after all. He’s taking it fairly well, but that’s what he does. But he never told her about Gregory DeMayo, so I guess they’re square.
  • Dolphin Tail! Woo-ooh!

  • Amethyst puns about how much she loves horsin’ around before taking the shape of Ruby’s trusty steed. What is this, a crossover episode?
  • Seems that, Watchmen-like, superheroes may not have become the mainstream genre for comics in Steven’s world. Or Greg just has eclectic tastes. I’d believe either.
  • “‘Psst. It’s me. I’m a horse.” Amethyst continues her MVP streak three days running.

  • The proposal itself features a little snippet of Stronger Than You, as is tradition for Rupphire stories.
  • Current status of the bingo card:

  • One of the last shots of the episode is them hugging and twirling one another like they would to fuse… but without fusing. This moment isn’t for Garnet, it’s for Ruby and Sapphire to enjoy each other. And I love that, even as much as I love Garnet.
  • I’m so glad I’m not writing tomorrow’s review, because words are likely to fail me.