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Bootleg Corner In A Void, It’s So Numb

Hey Avocadokateers , Kevzero here, welcome to Bootleg Corner. A post dedicated to the semi-authorized records. Throughout the years I’ve amassed a rather large collection of bootleg CDs, vinyl, downloads, even the occasional cassette; from live recordings to outtake sessions. So I’ve decided to create a space here to occasionally review some them  for you, and a place for other fans of Recordings Of Indiscriminate oRigin(RIORs) to gather together.

This Week:

Untitled Souixie and the Banshees (Vinyl)

Label. Unknown Release Date. Unknown   

Track List:

Side A

  1. Love In A Void
  2. Metal Postcard
  3. Suburban Relapse
  4. Mirage
  5. Carcass 
  6. Overground
  7. Helter Skelter
  8. Hong Kong Garden

Side B

  1. Make Up To Break Up
  2. Carcass 
  3. Love In A Void

(The rest is unlabeled)

  1. Jigsaw Feeling
  2. Nicotine Stain
  3. Suburban Relapse 

Liner Notes: None

Overview: This isn’t the first bootleg I ever bought, but it is the one I’ve had the longest. I picked this up in a long gone record shop on Thayer St. Providence in the late eighties/early 90s, more or less solely based on its cover.

Performance: A-

Though it’s not labeled as such, Side A is the Banshees’ two live  performances on John Peel’s show on BBC Radio. Prior to the original broadcasts, none of the songs had been released yet.  Side B contains the rare, at the time unreleased, “Make Up To Break Up”, demos of “Carcass” “Love In A Void”(which includes the song’s original anti-Semitic lyrics), and the last three songs, unlabeled on this album so I don’t know the exact source, sound like they’re taken directly from Souixie and the Banshees’ debut album “The Scream”

Recording: B

There’s nothing special, in either direction, about the recording. The Peel Sessions songs sound like there were taken from the source; as opposed to someone taping them off the radio. The Demos sound like demos.

Highlights: The whole thing actually, this is a great collection of early Souixie and the Banshees songs

Lowlights:  See below

Recommended… If this was the earlier 90s, I’d say a big yes; in 2018, however, I must say no. Almost everything on this album has since gotten an official release, on  the Peel Sessions and the deluxe reissue of Souixie and the Banshees’ first album “The Scream”, in most cases with vastly improved remastered quality. 

This week optional discussion: How do you feel about music you have on bootleg receiving an official release?

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