Scott OT #99: The Night Thread Is Still Sick over Singing Bon Jovi (Also, Top 10 Movies from 2018) (7/1)

Since we’re midway through 2018, I thought it would be good to focus on the best movies from this year so far. I should add that I’m basing this on when they were released in America, three of them are technically 2017 films.

10.) Isle Of Dogs directed by Wes Anderson

9.) Incredibles 2 directed by Brad Bird

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8.) Thoroughbreds directed by Cory Finley

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7.) A Quiet Place directed by John Krasinski

6.) Hereditary directed by Ari Astor

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5.) You Were Never Really Here directed by Lynne Ramsay

4.) Paddington 2 directed by Paul King

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3.) Avengers: Infinity War directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

2.) Black Panther directed by Ryan Coogler

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1.) Annihilation directed by Alex Garland

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Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.