Independence Day Food Thread 7/1

Will the food thread live up to its promise and potential or will it end up in a shambolic disarray? I’ll refrain from going any more political than the header image, we’ll be attending our traditional party at a friend’s house who lives adjacent to where our town has the fireworks. He always does ribs and sometimes a brisket, I’m hoping for hot links this year (I suppose I could bring some if I’m so motivated). My wife makes a cherry slab pie that uses two quarts of cherries and I wish we’d make at least a couple more times a year (scaled down, of course). The cookout is very meat-centric and with my wife being a vegetarian I’ll pick up some meatless brats so she doesn’t end up eating a condiment sandwich.

Any non-USA Avocados, what kinds of foods do you associate with our country? I’d like to hear anything about trips to the USA, maybe experiences that bore out what you expected or things that ended up totally different from those expectations.