The Memento Mori Day Thread

Today is my birthday. I’m turning 48.

I’m serving as a pallbearer in my uncle’s funeral today. In fact, by the time this goes up, I will have already left for the service.

There’s only one thing this universe promises you: someday, you will die. It might come as a surprise, it might not, but someday you’re not getting another sunrise. All the Heathcliff comics will be over. There won’t be another fish to microwave. You won’t be ordering any more pineapple on any more pizzas. No more lists. No more hot takes. No more meme spirals.

So take it from someone who’s probably a lot closer to the last rung on the ladder than most of you: fill your life with the things that give you joy. Spend time with people you like and don’t spend any more time than necessary with people you don’t like. Don’t take shit from anyone. And have fun.

Because someday you won’t be able to anymore.