World Cup Russia 2018: Day 13, Argentina’s Last Stand

Well that was an exciting first day for our last round of the group stage. Morocco and Iran gave a fight to two of the favorites, but VAR was there to do, um, things. In the other group Russia finally faced a real opponent and they showed what everyone thought about them, while Saudi Arabia won in the WC for the first time in decades

And with this we reach Day 13, in group C everyone but Peru are still in it, while in group D again all eyes on Messi and a possibly historic implosion (or at least historic since 2002)

Group C: Australia v Peru

Perú is only playing for honor and might be a man down, while the Socceroos have been surprising and still have hope, but for that they need to win and wait for a Danish defeat. Not that unlikely

Group C: Denmark v France

France have been a little shaky but have gotten the result, they’re already qualified but need at least a point to win the group. Denmark needs a victory to win the group or a draw to qualify. So, you know, both teams could just play for the tie

Group D: Nigeria v Argentina

And it has come to this, Argentina needs a win, if possible with more than one goal in case Iceland defeats Croatia. Nigeria also needs a win, this will be an exciting match. With how shaky the Argentinian defense has been, it can be Musa’s day

Group D: Iceland v Croatia

Iceland’s wall broke against Nigeria and that gave Argentina a chance. Now they need to win, that will make them try to go for the initiative which is something I have no clue if they’re prepared to do. Croatia needs a draw to ensure winning the group and even a loss could work if Nigeria doesn’t win, they will rest a lot of their players (between being tired and getting a bunch of yellows). Even with that, this seems pretty impossible for Iceland, but they thrive on that