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The Leftorium Treats Civility to a Nice TV Dinner

This week, democratic party leadership threw Rep. Maxine Waters under the bus in less time than it took them to rebuke Al Franken. In one insanely ‘I should probably not be in a leadership position anymore’ tweet, Nancy Pelosi managed to fetishize civility, play a round of patriotic mad-libs and do that thing out of touch liberals do where they hearken back to an America that only ever existed for people in their socioeconomic bubble.

Schumer condemned Waters’ comments as unamerican which implies perhaps that he at least knows what America has always been. I don’t know how anyone else feels but I love when people who have spent the last few decades losing ground to the right insist we should trust them now to have the backbone to save us from fascists.

Why is civility prioritized by the likes of Pelosi and Schumer? What will it take to rid “respectable” democrats of this notion that republicans are just sitting around waiting for a license to resort to their usual tactics? Why should the onus ever be on the powerless to modulate their frustrations with people in power?

For a few fleeting minutes last week, Stephen Miller had to ignore all his phonecalls. Good. He’s a literal nazi. He didn’t become a nazi because something the other side did gave him license to hate hispanics and muslims and enact laws based on his hatred. He’s currently the most powerful nazi working under Trump. He deserves more than just having his phone number exposed online.

Even when entertaining this charge that civility take a front seat to everything else in the struggle against fascism, from what I’ve observed, we only apply it toward people in positions of power, which nicely exemplifies the impotence of performative liberal outrage. You can wish all kinds of evil on people who voted Trump for whatever reason but heaven forbid you wish harm on the ghouls actually working in his administration.

Kirsten Nielsen was made uncomfortable while sitting to dinner in a Mexican restaurant. I’m old enough to remember when the people responsible for that were being called the alt-left and they still are in many democrat circles.

Civility wont be saving us from our current situation anytime soon. Be highly suspicious of people who insist it will.

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Solidarity, comrades!