“In All Seriousness” Thread 6/28/2018

Hello, all!

By now, you’ve possibly seen Incredibles 2, which means you’ve also seen Bao, the new Pixar short that plays before it. You may have found it funny, you may have found it strange, you might’ve even cried during it (there’s a good chance all of the above may have applied to you, which is okay). For those unaware, Bao chronicles the story of a woman who creates a dumpling which spontaneously comes to life, and looks adorable (and adorably delicious). What follows is a tale of the dumpling “growing up,” and it’s all so amusingly bizarre and touching in a way you’ve probably never seen on film before. Ultimately, Bao is a love story between mother and child, and its ending may not leave many dry eyes in the house. Bao is a wonderfully empathetic little piece of cinema, so make sure you see it for yourself if you haven’t already.

bao 2

If you’ve never been here until now, this is a place for “serious” discussions. And they don’t have to be “sad” things either. Sexuality, masturbation, concern of relatives and friends, other issues–all are fair game here.

So, without further ado, here are the (current) guidelines:

1. Be respectful. That goes without saying.

2. Keep discussions “serious.” We have plenty of other places to joke around around here, but sometimes people are in a place when they’re in a need for a hug instead of a yuk.

3. Try your best not to make anyone feel worse. In other words, if someone says “I’m worried Trump is going to start a war overseas,” don’t respond by saying, “Yeah, he’s definitely going to.”

4. If politics and/or religion are brought up, do not try to turn the conversation into an argument. We have other threads for that. This is a safe space and should please be treated as such.

5. I’m not a leader bean, so tend to the mods if there are any issues, but I’m pretty confident that everyone will be nice here.

6. If you bring up something controversial and don’t wish to have it turn into a debate, please say “I’m not looking for a debate here.” If someone says this in their post, everyone please respect that.

Well, that’s it. Have a blessed evening, everyone!

Choose kind.

And you are loved.