Sunday Food Thread Lethargy 6/24

The Sunday Food Thread shambles indifferently into the kitchen, stares blankly at the pastel cabinets and raises a hand to the refrigerator door handle. The first tug is barely enough to budge the door, with a little more force a second tug breaks the seal and the door swings open. The bottles in the door clink lightly and settle as the door comes to a stop, the cold air washing down to the floor. Staring into the void of a well-stocked fridge the Sunday Food Thread is overcome with ennui. Not a single thing is appealing to that faint yet insistent hunger gnawing at the edges of awareness. The leftover soup is listless, the potatoes just look like work, nothing entices today, nothing. The Sunday Food Thread closes the door again and turns away, hoping for inspiration in the cupboard, of course the shelves teeming with canned goods bear are as drab and lackluster. Black beans won’t see the light of day today, not a single chick pea is to be consumed. Yet the hunger persists unabated, nothing is calling out to fill the Sunday Food Thread’s emptiness. A wave of guilt hits the Sunday Food Thread due to looking upon this embarrassment of riches and barely being able to muster a “meh”, yet meh is all that is there. The Sunday Food Thread reaches for a box of saltines and a pat of butter and calls it dinner.

TL/DR: I don’t know what to talk about for a topic today, so free for all!