World Cup Russia 2018: Day 10, The Mannschaft Had a Glitch

Costa Rica said goodbye, Nigeria gives hope to Argentina while the Swiss makes everything complicated

And that’s how we arrive to Day 10, Germany will try to recover from an unexpected result, México will need to get down from cloud 9 and Belgium will most likely bury Tunisia. Let’s see

Group G: Belgium v Tunisia

Belgium looked rusty for a half, then corrected and appeared to be the contenders everyone told them they are. Tunisia did their best against England but they really had nothing going on for them. Belgium shouldn’t have much of a problem

Group F: México v South Korea

México did the impossible, I was astonished. I was expecting everything to come crashing down and be another “we played like never, lost like always” display, but they held, now they’ll need to keep it up and defeat a Korea that didn’t show anything against Sweden. México has the bad habit of playing better the stronger the rival is and doing the opposite otherwise, lets hope that doesn’t happen this time

Group F: Germany v Sweden

Germany needs to win, I wouldn’t want to be the team that faces that. On the other hand, they might be victims of the World Cup winners curse that’s been affecting teams since 2002. Sweden, it’s time to believe in curses