The Day Thread likes me for ME 6/23

And now, a list of things she doesn’t like me for:

  • my car
  • my money
  • looking like Ralph Lauren Polo model Tyson Beckford
  • having the charm of Robert Redford oozing out my ears
  • my big screen
  • my collection of DVDs
  • despite not having much to spend, being able to fly her to places she’s never been (even all she has to do is say “when”)
  • hanging out with Leonardo diCaprio
  • hanging out with Steve Buscemi (Fargo)
  • being able to sing like famed opera legend Pavorotti (which is not evinced in the Blessid Union of Souls discography)
  • being such a hottie
  • being tough like Dirty Harry
  • making her laugh just like Jim Carrey (unlike the Cable Guy)

A list of things she like me for:

  • ME