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The Leftorium Harnesses the Power of Political Art

I’m going to do a short write-up this week, because in keeping with the spirit of the Leftorium, it’s the people who should set the terms of discussion, not me. (Also I’m lazy, but don’t tell anyone that.)

What I did want to draw your attention to is an exhibition entitled To Protect and Serve? Five Decades of Posters Protesting Police Violence. (How’s that for alliteration?) While increasing media scrutiny and social media can make it seem like police brutality is a relatively recent phenomenon, people have been protesting against violence perpetrated by the authoritarian state for decades. In North America, this violence has disproportionately targeted people of colour, and it continues to be used to terrorize their communities. The exhibition was organized by the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, and it is currently on display at Mercado la Paloma in downtown Los Angeles. (Also a great place to get vegan Ethiopian food!) You can find some more information about the exhibition here.

Two pieces at the official Leftorium website from last week, both by the wonderful Mindymoo: one on restorative justice; and another on ResistanceHole. Give one or both of them a read. Or none. I don’t know, I’m not your boss. (Seriously though, read them both. They’re pretty good.)

In keeping with the header’s theme of police brutality, this week’s addition to the Leftorium playlist is “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine. Is it a great song? No. But it fits the theme, and there are no RAtM songs on the playlist yet. As always, feel free to give me playlist suggestions.

Happy leftening, everyone!