Have a Sandwich! Food Thread 6/17

The “Is it a sandwich” debate is fun and has its place, but that place isn’t here today, if it’s a sandwich to you it’s fair game to talk about it here.

BolognaSandwichResize Sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes and can rise (or lower) to any occasion. From a cucumber sandwich at a high society tea to a choke sandwich tossed to yours truly in the drunk tank, having had both of those I can tell you neither is a sandwich I would ever ask for or voluntarily eat. The two consistent sandwiches I’ve eaten as far back as I can remember are the simple cheese sandwich and the classic peanut butter and jelly on white bread.

b-bean burger

These days I’m far more adventurous but for me if you put it between two starch plains (4:08) I’m calling it a sandwich. I’ve made sandwiches out of leftover lasagna (talk about carbo-loading), and made a frittata with the sole intent of using it for sandwiches later in the week. And really who needs a top, open-face sandwiches are really good too! I guess there are far too many options for me to pick one as a favorite and the few I’ve mentioned here just scratch the surface.

Panini side Avocados, show me your sandwiches!