World Cup Russia 2018: Day 3, By Gunnarsson’s Beard

What an exciting 2nd day we had, with both Egypt and Morocco losing in heartbreakers, while Spain and Portugal played one of the best matches in World Cup history. Egypt made the baffling decision of benching Salah (ok, not baffling if it was just a coach’s bluff and he wasn’t fit), but played good defense and even had some changes, they should be pretty hard once Salah returns. Uruguay had most of the possession, but really lacked ideas up front. On the second match Morocco dominated Iran but then ran out of gas an undeservedly lost on an own goal at the last minute (most likely sealing their fate for the tournament). Iran was pretty dangerous in their counters, so the other teams shouldn’t rest on them. The last match was spectacular, with Ronaldo showing his two faces: tricking the referee and scoring an spectacular goal. Spain played well. I guess the coach shock wasn’t that harmful.

Anyway, day 3 is a really busy day with 4 matches, two that look pretty one sided on paper and two that should be pretty close, lets see

Group C: France v Australia

This Socceroos team is probably the worst one I remember, they’re slow and boring and still play Tim Cahill. Sure, France didn’t look well on their last friendly against the US but still this shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, when France flames out they do it spectacularly.

Group C: Perú v Denmark

In one of the most unlikely outcomes, Perú’s Paolo Guerrero’s ban was lifted by the Swiss court and he was allowed to play. I guess the tea really was the culprit. On the other side, the Danes were dealt the biggest blow when Lord Bendtner was left out of the squad due to injury. Anyway, this should be a good match, Denmark will depend on the Spurs’ Eriksen to control the midfield and could have a good chance to win this. This match will probably decide the second place of the group

Group D: Argentina v Iceland

Argentina’s last friendly was a 4-0 victory over Haiti, their next match against Israel got cancelled amidst protests. Before that they lost 6-1 against Spain and of course they had an extremely bumpy ride in the CONMEBOL qualifiers, so you know it’s been quite a trip (thank God they have a guide). So, it’s really lucky for them then that their first match is against the weakest team of their group. Iceland does have the advantage of not having anything to lose and a much better team cohesion, by Gunnarson’s beard let them give a good challenge

Group D: Croatia v Nigeria

This should be a really interesting match and will probably decide the group’s second place. Croatia always looks great, they have a great team specially in midfield but for some reason they tend to disappoint at the big stage. Since their 3rd place in ’98 they haven’t got out of the group stage. On the other hand, Nigeria is kinda similar, their teams look good but they either get stuck on the groups or round of 16. This time around they’re really fun on top. This should be a great game