Parental Guidance June 16, 2018: Post-Kids Sex Life

Hello and welcome to the bi-monthly Parental Guidance thread! Twice a month on a Saturday, Corn or Miss Rim 1 will post a thread for parents and parental-adjacent people to participate in. We will select a topic as a starting off point, but you are not limited to that. Discuss whatever is on your mind, complain, vent, share, brag, etc.

Today’s topic: Sex life after kids

First of all, LOL. Second, no really, how DO you maintain a sex life after having kids? Is it just a matter of setting aside time and opportunity, or is it more of a connection you have to work to rebuild? Have there been a lot of physical changes that may interfere? Does it feel any different than it used to? Assume all the usual rules for Sex Threads apply here (i.e. respect people’s boundaries, don’t feel pressured to share more than you feel comfortable, and we don’t shame kinks), and share something healthy and intimate. And if you’re a couple who does co-sleeping, you have my sympathy. I could never have done it.