Best Sports Logos – Nominations

This one is pretty simple: who has the best logo?  To ensure some variety, we’ll be doing this in divisions for nominations:  We’ll start with 64 randomly seeded from six pools of nominees, all from any league or national team.  10 will be selected from each pool, plus 4 wildcards.

  • Hockey (Pro)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Pro Football (North America style)
  • College Sports
  • Minor Leagues (all sports)
  • Other (Rugby, Australian Football, Jai Alai, Racing, whatever)

They do not have to be current logos, so if you see an old timey one you like, nominate it!

Exepctions: I will not accept nominations for Washington’s NFL team, Cleveland’s baseball mascot, or Chicago or Portland’s hockey logo.  Any others with similar issues will not be accepted, even if the logos are attractive or well designed.

For nominations to count, a picture of the logo is required.  I will leave nominations open for 3 days.  Pick some good ones!

Also if you did not put the nomination under the category PLEASE PUT IT UNDER THE CATEGORY or at least tell me what the sport is.