Like A Version: Songs With Multiple Versions

Every music nut encounters something that these days seems to take prevalence in music compared to other forms of pop culture: artists releasing multiple versions of the same song. This thread is all about those songs with one, two, or more versions floating about out there in the world. I’m not just talking about live or acoustic versions of songs, that’s too easy. I’m talking about artists tinkering with their own stuff and making changes big and/or small. Sometimes they release two versions of the same song on one album, as Mr. Young did above.

Other times, they release a song as a single or on an EP, only to change it up when it comes to the album version.

Or sometimes they speed up or slow down their own song, as in the appropriately titled “Fast Slow Disco” by St. Vincent.

Share your own personal favorite version of songs, and debate which version is better with your fellow music fans here at the Avocado. Or you can post a more obscure version of a song that blows the original out of the water, or defend the merits of the original. Have fun exploring all the versions out there!