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The Leftorium Gets Real with North Korea

This week on the Leftorium, we’re opening up discussion on the summit between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. The majority of reactions both going into the summit and after has been dominated by a singular theme i.e. Trump being duped into elevating KJU’s regime. Whether or not all this plays out as predicted by the whos who of foreign-affairs-expert Twitter, whose track record as we all know is unassailable, is the outrage among liberals over the effort completely warranted or are we unwittingly reciting and retweeting old talking points that best suit people invested in ramping up longstanding aggression with North Korea so long as it isn’t Trump calling the shots?

In the News:

Anthony Bourdain died Friday. Most knew him for his culinary achievements and his unforced curiosity about foods and customs foreign to him but rarely were these qualities put in context of his politics which were decidedly anti-imperialist.

SCOTUS ruled in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop, kinda.

Bill Clinton’s New Book Reveals A Staggering Lack of Self-Awareness.


On the subject of artists not talked about enough in context of their politics, Saturday marked five years since the death of Iain Banks who was one of the most respected authors in science fiction. Over at the Leftorium, I put up a brief primer on the author and the relevance of his Culture books to the current politic climate.

Remembering Iain M. Banks

And lastly, retweeting that dumb fucking picture of Merkel staring down a petulant Trump isn’t the staggering jab at Trump that everyone thinks it is. No one who doesn’t already hate Trump will look at it and not think “based Trump is best Trump.” Also it’s pretty indicative of the shallowness of a lot of the opposition to Trump.

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