Review- ‘Weapon Lost’ #2

Recap: “The X-men asked Daredevil to look into the disappearance of Wolverine’s body. Though Daredevil has investigative connections through his secret identity, lawyer Matt Murdock, he recruited help in the form of Inhuman detective Frank McGee, retired cop Misty Knight, and Cypher, a mutant with the ability to understand any language. Thanks to Cypher’s fluency in- and addiction- to the internet, the crew quickly found their first lead…”

Daredevil and his team start working on their hunt for Wolverine by scaling back their search parameters.  After last issue’s revelation of hundreds of Wolverine sightings across the globe, they decide to look into sightings that occurred the past 90 days and weed out any sightings of Old Man Logan and X23.As this is taking place, the story jumps to Canada where a group of park rangers are trapped in a cabin, hunted by an unknown assailant.

Frank and Misty go to a hospital in New York and show a nurse security camera footage of Logan visiting Jane Foster ( a nod to the post credit scene in Mighty Thor).  The nurse is unable to confirm this because of doctor-patient confidentiality and tells Frank and Misty to leave immediately as they are not actual cops.

Visits to Phoenix and Chicago also turn up dead ends in the search for Wolverine. However, Cypher picks up a SOS transmission from Canada sent by a woman that contains a description of Logan as the possible perpetrator.

The team lands in Canada and finds all the park rangers slaughtered.  Misty notices that the woman is not one of the deceased and a scream is heard outside. Daredevil, Frank, and Misty give chase and find the woman’s body in the snow.  Daredevil follows the tracks and realizes that they were lead away from the cabin and into a dead end. Wolverine has turned the tables and now HE is on the hunt.  Logan’s first prey is the weakest of the group: Cypher.  Wolverine slashes Cypher’s throat and takes him out.

To Be Continued!

The second month of the Hunt for Wolverine is beginning to ramp up the action and danger to those involved in the chase. Frank is starting to develop feelings for Misty and I’m curious to see what will happen between these two before the end of this miniseries. I like Soule’s character tweak involving Cypher’s addiction to the Internet.  Social media addiction is an ongoing problem in today’s world and to see a heroic character with a flaw like this endears them with the audience and it makes Cypher relatable to people like you and me.

Next weekAdamantium Agenda #2 will be released on June 13, 2018.

THE ORIGINAL NEW AVENGERS ARE JOINED BY A NEW ALLY! After the explosive events of the last issue, will our heroes be able to recover? TONY STARK has been keeping a secret, and it’s about to catch up to him…The trail leads to one of the X-MEN’S greatest foes!!!!