This Spud’s For You Day Thread

On the twelfth of June, in the year of our lord {DATA NOT AVAILABLE} a Spud was born.  He was not like the other potatoes.  No, this treasured gem was born as A Winged Potato.  This exotic and wonderful creature does not only do his best to make me happy, he does so much to keep this site up and running.  Hell, had it not been for his help during the middle of his vacation, this site would have taken a least a month longer to get launched.   I know some of you are probably tired of seeing birthday themed threads, but I couldn’t pass on a chance to dote on a such a special person, not just in my life but in this world (plus he embarrassed the hell out of me doing this on my birthday).  He deserves a day filled with all the things that make him happy, which may or may not have made their way onto this slideshow.

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Should you find this glorious Tater on the site today, please wish him tidings of merriment on this anniversary of his birth and upvotes of admiration and gratitude….or just say hi.  I’m not your supervisor.