Wrapped in Plastic Day 4: The secret of knowing who killed you.

Though Agent Nadine Hurley’s suicide attempt had addled her and left her amnesiac, her once-again teenage mind remained quite sharp, and she was able to trace the killer to a house of ill repute just across the Canadian Border, One-Eyed Jack’s. What she didn’t anticipate was that several employees of the Renault crime syndicate were spending their ill-gotten wage that night, and she had not thought to arrange for backup.

Nadine Hurley (Jake) has been taken into the Black Lodge. She was the FBI Investigator.

Judith Funnie, the eccentric college student, had inherited the Log Lady’s log, and it seemed had inherited her grisly fate. Within hours of taking possession she went stark raving mad, and within a few hours more had thrown herself from a trestle.

Judith Funnie (HolsGG) has been taken into the Black Lodge. She was The Log Lady.


The rules are quite simple. There is a day phase and a night phase. During the day phase the players will discuss and decide by popular vote who from among themselves they should eliminate. During the night phase, the players whose roles grant them special powers will have the opportunity to use them to help or hinder the investigation as appropriate.


10 5 Vanilla Town
1 FBI Special Investigator (Town Detective)
1 Sheriff (Town Jailer and Mason)
1 Sheriff’s Deputies (Town Mason– the Sheriff and Deputy have a QT and know one another’s identity)
1 Plucky Teenager (Town Detective… whose naivete, inexperience, and precocious crush on the FBI investigator will lead them to trip up and get a false reading on one out of every three investigations!)
1 FBI Medical Examiner (Can determine whether a night kill was made by the Renaults, BOB, the Rogue FBI Agent, or the Bookhouse Boys)
The DEA Agent (Automatically gains the powers of either the FBI Special Investigator or the FBI Medical Examiner if they are killed.)
The Log Lady (Town Radio operator, gets messages from random QTs each night.)
The Bookhouse Boys (Two One one-shot Town Vigilantes)

Three wolves:
Two One Renault Brothers (Vanilla scum)
One Proprietor of One-Eyed Jack’s (Scum roleblocker)

Two Serial Killers
BOB (Vanilla serial killer. The game ends and Town wins if BOB is caught. Will have one opportunity during the game to pass the role off to someone else.)
Rogue FBI Agent (Wins if he kills the FBI Investigator and survives.)


1. Hohopossum (Betty Elms)
2. forget_it_jake (Nadine Hurley)
4. Albert Goat-enfield (Albert Rosenfield)
5. Zecko (Tommy “Hawk” Hill)
6. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Margaret “The Log Lady” Lanterman)
7. Oolon1120 (Stan Pines)
8. HolsGG (Judith Funnie)
9. longbox jockey (Leland Palmer)
10. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer (Gordon Cole)
11. Elliot Thomas (Sarah Palmer)
12. Hegel Exercises (Magnus Karlsen)
13. spookgayfriend (Becky Burnett)
14. Science is Bad (The Log Lady’s Log)
15. Sheltie-FrostedLennyflakes (Ruby)
16. The Hayes Code (Chloe Price)
17. Smapti Jones (Dr. Lawrence Jacoby)
18. TCRM (James Hurley)
19. BannerThiefFailureHet (George Woodman)
20. wolf triad overboss subsaharan (Josie Packard)
21. LindsayDisasterLesbian (Tina and Laura Laroux)
22. Nerfmax (Harold Smith)
23. Doctor Nick (Pete Martell)
24. Mirage (Sam Colby)