Parental Guidance: Visitin’

Hello, and welcome to the bi monthly or so Parental Guidance thread.  Twice a month Corn or I * will post a thread for parent  and parental – adjacent issues. We’ll suggest a topic as a jumping off point, but discussion is not limited .

Brag, complain, seek and give advice, tell an amusing anecdote etc.

This week’s topic: Visitin’ 

I’m about to pack up myself and The Boy for a 3 week visit to my hometown – a chance to visit  my mom, stepdad, dad, and stepsisters and some extended family and friends.  I’ll even have a chance to go out alone with friends and sleep in a few times. My family will wonder at him and spoil and coddle him and their endearing habits will eventually annoy me.

So talk about the joys and challenges visiting friends and family. The sleeping arrangements! The passive aggressive parenting advice!  When a relative yells at your kid too much! That time you caught your kid getting high with they’re  cousins!