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Me?  I came to realize that the best realization of the toyetic potential of Star Wars may have been the Clone Wars series, and its supporting toy line.  Battle Droids vs. Clones, endless variations of Clone Armour, a huge variety of hardware and environments, Jedi and Bounty Hunters…basically, it was the realization of the ultimate promise of Star Wars as a bald capitalist endeavour.  It also helped that the series, despite some rough patches and a slow start, is the most nuanced and complex story told in the Star Wars universe.  Lucas was deeply involved in the series, but worked closely with Dave Filoni and others to realize the prequel era in a much more successful fashion.  To me, Lucas righted the Lucasfilm ship with Clone Wars and saved Star Wars from himself.

As a toy line, the secondary market is awash in a wide variety of product from the five year run of the series, and it’s a lot of fun to hunt for bargains and obscure characters.  The designs are cool, and the entire galaxy is at play, making it an explosion of imaginative scenarios for kids to play out.  Disney has yet to capture anything close to this level of creative or merchandising potential.  I’m no fan of the prequels as films, but that era in the Star Wars mythos is positively amazing and possesses so much potential.