Shoeless Trivia: Current Events

Sorry for the extra long weekend. Once more unto the breach!

  1. What is the name of this woman, a former Obama aide and the subject of recent controversial tweet?current7
  2. What city will be home to the 26th expansion team of Major League Soccer, which will have its premier season in 2019?
  3. The quote below is from what novel by a celebrated American novelist who died this week at the age of 85?

    In school we chanted, along with our teacher, I am the Captain of my fate, I am the Master of my soul, and meanwhile, within my own body, an anarchic insurrection had been launched by one of my privates- which I was helpless to put down!

  4. What state’s governor, a former Navy SEAL, will resign effective June 1 amid allegations of campaign finance law violations and a scandal involving pictures of a woman with whom he had an affair?
  5. In a recent tweet, Cardi B noted the uncanny resemblance of fellow rapper Childish Gambino to what actor?

  1. Valerie Jarrett
  2. Cincinnati
  3. Portnoy’s Complaint
  4. Missouri
  5. Donald Glover


Please use spoiler tags if you play along in the comments.