The Great War Night Thread

Part 1 of a series on YouTube shows that don’t suck

The Great War is a German-produced series in which actor Indy Neidell covers events of the First World War in real time. Beginning in 2014, each episode covers weekly events as they occurred exactly 100 years earlier.

In addition to regular episodes, The Great War has a weekly Q&A program, as well as specials about various countries’ involvement in the war, notable people who served (and usually became famous for something else), visits to battlefields and museums, and occasional crossovers– the most common being with C&Rsenal, which are ungodly boring.

The Great War’s mix of archival footage, breaking news style, and occasional editorializing make the past come alive. Weekly we are treated to news of endless wars in places like Ukraine and Syria, and wonder why nothing ever changes. The answer, as it turns out, is that nothing ever has.