Grim Fandango Day Thread 5/26

What that? I talk about an old point and click game again. Yep, deal with it.

Grim Fandango is a point and click game by Lucas Arts. The art style is based off of Calaca figures and  Day of the Dead. It also borrows a lot of style from noir films. You play as Manuel “Manny” Calavera. This guy hallway.jpg

He is an underworld travel agent. In the game world when some one dies they have to travel to the afterlife from the eight layer to the ninth layer of the underworld. If you are really good you get to take the train which is a four minute ride. Bad you have to go on foot which is a four year walk. Most people who have to walk give up and live in the eight layer of the underworld. Manny is working off his debt to the powers that be and starts to uncover a conspiracy about who get to go on the train and who doesn’t and it snowballs from there.

Its a point and click game with no way to really lose. If you get stuck you just have to keep trying till you figure it out. Or use a guide. The strength of the game, like most good point and click games is the writing. Its really funny with some moving part and great characters. It got remastered not too long ago. I really recommend it.


Have a great day and have fun posting.