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AVoCADo GamesCast-ing Call #36

Heya AvoGamers! I apologize for the short notice, but we want to record the next episode of the AVoCADo GamesCast this Sunday, the 27th of May, and we’d love to have you contribute. The time at which we record will depend on people’s availability. I haven’t set a specific topic for this episode, but we’ll probably be discussing some recent events in the games industry (e.g. Steam’s visual novel crackdown, the crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life, recent releases on Xbox One and PS4, etc.) If there’s something specific you want to talk about, let me know.

If you want to participate, please provide:

  1. Your Skype handle*, if I don’t already have it. (I’m spanky.merve.)
  2. What times on Sunday you’re available**
  3. A couple of topics you might want to discuss (optional, but helpful)

As always, the GamesCast welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds. Regardless of your age, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic background, if you have something to say, we’d love to have you.

Recording will take between 90 and 135 minutes. All you need is a good-quality mic (the mic on a mid-range headset is fine) and a willingness to chat. As usual, I like to have a mixture of newbies and veterans, so if you’re new to podcasting, don’t be shy about signing up.

Let’s chat about video games!

*You can create a second Skype handle if your existing handle contains your real name and you wish to remain anonymous.

**Seriously, I need this. Otherwise, it becomes very hard to schedule things.

(Credit to Science is Bad for the header art.)