Pitch Meeting: Prequels

Tomorrow, that latest Star Wars prequel, Solo: A Star Wars Story, will be released, exploring Han Solo’s life prior to the events of the Original Trilogy. That got me thinking on the prequels in general, and wondering what stories and characters people would like to see get their own prequels, showing us what happened before the stories we know and love took place.

One prequel I’d like to see? A TV series called Goldfinger, centered around the iconic James Bond villain, and telling a Breaking Bad-esque story of how he became an international gold smuggler with ties to state-sponsored terrorism. Such a series could also delve into the backstories of Pussy Galore and Odd Job, who also seem like they must have their own, rather peculiar stories to tell. I’m imagining it as something that lasts for a few seasons, with the final season being a loose adaptation of the novel/movie Goldfinger, only with James Bond cast in the antagonist role.

But that’s just me. What prequel ideas would you like to pitch?