Day Thread of Cosmic Evil

`With all the (deserved) affection Thanos has been getting lately, I feel the need to shine a light on some of Marvel’s cosmic villains who haven’t gotten movies yet.

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Annihilus, originally a Fantastic Four villain, comes from the antimatter universe known as the Negative Zone, where he rules with an iron fist and a Cosmic Control Rod. He commands the mighty Annihilation Wave, and is terrified of dying.


Michael Korvac has… a complicated history. He was born in the far future of an alternate universe, where he betrayed the human race by collaborating with the alien conquerers the Badoon. He was later pulled from that universe by the Grandmaster, and in our universe, he attained the godlike might of the Power Cosmic, which he used to fight the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Abraxas was an embodiment of destruction, trapped inside Galactus’s body. When Galactus died, Abraxas was freed, and he attempted to use the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy all existence. Franklin Richards and Valeria Von Doom used their powers to revive Galactus, who took back the Ultimate Nullifier. Reed Richards then used the Nullifier to destroy the universe and remake it without Abraxas.

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Owen Reece, a misunderstood and friendless scientist, became the Molecule Man after a lab accident granted him control over all molecules. However, he was unable to affect organic matter, which the Fantastic Four exploited to defeat him. This weakness has come and gone over the years, and his overall power level has fluctuated. Recently, he helped Doctor Doom kill the Beyonders and build a new universe called Battleworld.