The Trailer for Mowgli Literally Promises You It Will Be Dark

Chances are you saw 2016’s The Jungle Book, a movie which collectively wowed critics and audiences, won an Oscar for its breathtaking special effects, and made a fuckton of money. But what if you could see the same movie again this fall, only in a more PG-13 kind of way? Mowgli–originally titled Jungle Book Origins–has you covered.

The trailer–which opens by promising you it’s the “darkest version” of the Rudyard Kipling story to date–looks so much like the Disney movie from two years ago that it’s hard to tell if audiences will show up to the theater or not. Everything looks great from a visual effects standpoint, but then so did the 2016 film, which kinda makes this feel like a remake of the remake. Heck, they even have a female Kaa again with this one, with Cate Blanchett playing the snake instead of Scarlett Johansson. And Shere Khan, once again, has a sexy British voice behind him, with Benedict Cumberbatch growling in the same role Idris Elba had two years ago.

The big “difference” here is the fact that humans appear to be a lot more present in this film, which might be a big hook for some. For others, the attraction may be this being the first big budget film directed by Andy Serkis, who took on the project after his previously announced live-action Animal Farm got indefinitely canned.

Mowgli opens in theaters this October.