What’s Your Favorite Ethnic Food? 5/20 Sunday Food Thread

What’s your favorite ethnic food? Did where you grew up and what you were eating then have any influence on that today? To follow up from last week’s topic, even though my mom wasn’t an adventurous cook she was an adventurous eater (figure that one out). As a family we’d go to all kinds of different restaurants and new places, my parents and sister would try all kinds of things from the menus. Me, pain in the ass picky eater that I was, would ask for a hamburger with only mustard and a pickle (better be dill, no sweet pickles). I’m glad I’ve changed and really enjoy all kinds of different foods. Indian food, especially south Indian, is near the top of my recent faves. Rava masala dosa and fried idli really bring a smile to my face. Also pav bhaji (sort of a veggie sloppy joe on a buttered and spiced bun) is something I’ll never say no to.

I don’t want to get into a cultural appropriation discussion here…yet. That’s something that I am thinking over and may do a thread about after doing some reading and when I know I’ll be around to participate in the discussion.

Also I don’t want to just swipe the image without giving credit, so here’s the site where I found it. I didn’t read too much into the site but do like the image, otherwise they do have some pretty stereotypical pictures to represent some of those ethnicities.