Parental Guidance May 19, 2018: Children’s Furniture

Hello and welcome to the bi-monthly Parental Guidance thread! Twice a month on a Saturday, Corn or Miss Rim 1 will post a thread for parents and parental-adjacent people to participate in. We will select a topic as a starting off point, but you are not limited to that. Discuss whatever is on your mind, complain, vent, share, brag, etc.

Today’s topic: Children’s furniture

Beds, cribs, bassinets, pack and plays, car seats: What are some of the weirdest and least expected extra furnishings you’ve had to get to accommodate your kid? Any hot tips on where to get them? IKEA, Target, garage sales, Craigslist, side of the road? Talk about how much extra shit you’ve had to load up your house with just to make things livable. Even if it’s not necessarily FOR your kid, maybe you’ve had to upgrade your situation for yourself as a result of them.