Werewolf 62 – Werewolves in Neverland – Signups

“To die will be an awfully big adventure.”

Peter woke with a start. It felt as if a drum was beating within him. He had been dreaming of many strange things. One of his dreams had been a memory of Wendy and the Mermaid Lagoon. A rare feeling of fear had filled Peter that day on the rock. But Peter Pan did not die that day. He continued to live, although he never aged. As everyone knows by now, all children, except one, grow up. That one was Peter. And this was just how he liked it. He wanted nothing more than to remain a boy forever and have great adventures. Still, death was an adventure that he was curious about.

While these thoughts danced in his head, Peter recalled one of the other dreams. The dream was a game. A game played in a faraway land. Peter thought that the land was called Avocado, but that seemed too silly to be true. The game was, as far as Peter remembered, some kind of pretend death. What fun! He jumped out of his hammock and flew about the room gathering supplies and making plans. Hearing a small bell near his ear, he turned and whispered an idea to Tinker Bell. She shared his excitement and readily agreed to his mischievous plan. By sunrise all of the changes had been made and the instructions recorded.

When the Lost Children awoke, Peter was gone. In his place, they found a recording made on a strange device that Peter had brought back from one of his previous adventures. His voice rang out with gleeful mischief. These were the first two words he shouted at the groggy and confused children through the device:

“Play Werewolf!”

As the children listened, some of them began to feel different . . . They did not know it then, but Peter Pan’s imagination was altering Neverland. It was now possible to grow up!


14 Lost Children (Vanilla Town)
1 Mother (Town Jailkeeper)
1 Inspector (Town Cop)
3 Adults (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Tinker Bell (Serial Killer)

A word of caution: It is quite impossible to say how time does wear on in the Neverland, where it is calculated by moons and suns, and there are ever so many more of them than on the mainland.  Some days might be shorter than others, and because of Peter’s strong imagination things that were impossible before have now become possible. I would not be a bit surprised if one of the Lost Children woke up one morning to find that they have grown up!


The rules are fairly simple. There is Day and there is Night. During the Day, all players will chat in the open thread. You will have until Twilight to vote to kill one of your fellow players. The player who receives a majority vote (or who has the most votes by Twilight) will be fed to the Crocodile. If a majority is reached before official Twilight, the Day will automatically end (even if your delightful narrator is not here to call Twilight). In the case of a tie, the Crocodile’s victim will be decided by fate (coin flip).

During the Night, the Mother, the Inspector, and Tinker Bell will choose targets in their personal QTs. The Adults will choose a target in their shared QT.

Jailing happens first, then investigation, and then the killing. If a player is jailed they cannot be killed, investigated, or grow up that night. If the Investigator is jailed they cannot investigate. If Tinker Bell is jailed they cannot kill. The Mother cannot jail themselves or the same player two nights in a row.

Lost Children win when all Adults and Tinker Bell are dead. The Adults win when the Lost Children and Tinker Bell are eliminated (or when math tells us its inevitable). Tinker Bell wins when they outlive everyone else.

Please note that you will need to make a handful of game-related comments per Day (three to six at least). Your humble narrator has been told that Peter feels very sad and angry when people don’t play, so you will become the Crocodile’s lunch if you don’t participate. Roleplaying is encouraged but not required.

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