Werewolf 61 – Day 1

Day One – How Do You Solve a Problem Lycanthropy?

“I beg your pardon!”

The mother superior cleared her throat, “Excuse me. I said ‘What is it you cannot face?'”

“Oh,” said the younger nun, “There were two deaths last night! One of the sisters was found stabbed brutally, and another seems to have been dragged from her cell and torn to shreds! There’s blood everywhere!”

“This is serious,” nodded the mother superior.

“What shall we do?”

“Let the novices handle it.”

“What? You can’t be serious.”

“I don’t joke, my dear. It’ll be a good learning opportunity for them. It’ll build character.”

“But, Mother Sup–”

“That will be all.”


  • Do not edit or delete posts, not even for typos. Consider your words carefully, and check your spelling before you hit “post”.
  • Do no quote directly or post screenshots from QT.
  • Be nice, and try to have fun. It is a game, and we’re all friends.


  • 12 Novices (Vanilla Town)
  • 1 Confessor (Investigator)
  • 1 Anchoress (Jailer)
  • 4 Werewolves
  • 1 Serial Killer


  • Days last about 24 hours, give or take. During this time, you may chat freely in the day thread (i.e. here, in the comments). When the day ends, by whatever means, game-related talk must end immediately. There are two ways the day can end.
    • Time running out. I will post the end time of each day in the header.
    • A majority vote. On any given day, if more than 50% of the living players vote the same way, the day ends, and the player with the most votes is lynched (or nobody, if the majority has agreed to No Lynch).
  • Sometime after the day ends, as noted above, I will post “Twilight” as a signal that the day has ended. If the day ends while I am away, I will consider any votes that happen after that point to be null and void. Game talk should also stop, even if I haven’t called “Twilight”. I will post a writeup and reveal the role of the deceased at this time.
  • The Night phase follows Twilight, and will last at least 12 hours, or possibly earlier, if I receive all night actions quickly. Night actions not submitted before the end of the Night phase are forfeit.
  • You may post in QT at any time, day or night. This goes for your personal QT thread, and for the wolves in their private chat.


  • I will post a Vote Thread at the beginning of each day. Sort by Oldest to find it quickly. Vote in this thread to vote for someone to lynch that day.
  • All votes must be in direct reply to my top-level comment to be counted. If you wish to change your vote, simply reply to my comment again. You may also withdraw your vote by commenting “No Vote” in the same manner. Furthermore, you may vote not to lynch anybody by voting “No Lynch”.
  • For “No Lynch” to win, it must be a majority vote of all living players. If “No Lynch” is in the lead, but not a majority, those votes will be ignored, and the leading player will be lynched.
  • A tie at the end of the day will result in a random lynch between the tied players, determined by me.

I advise new players to ask me questions about roles in QT. I may answer in the main thread, but it’s best not to reveal too much about what role you got right away. General questions not specific to a role can be posted here. The more experienced players are usually happy to help out a new player.


Lord Stoneheart
The Hayes Code
Sic Humor
Disgruntled Goat
April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer
Flubba Gunto

Day One ends on Tuesday, May 15 at 5:30 PM Pacific.