RIP Margot Kidder

Alas, we have come to the time where we must post Lois Lane’s obituary.

Yes, it’s a sad day for Superman fans all over the world, as Margot Kidder has passed away at age 69. Deadline is reporting that a cause of death is currently unavailable.

Kidder, of course, portrayed Lois Lane in the four Christopher Reeve Superman films. She beat out several other actresses who auditioned for the part (including Stockard Channing!) to star as the plucky reporter and gave a performance that would become beloved by audiences. Kidder played a major role in Superman: The Movie and Superman II, but was barely involved in Superman III, supposedly due to her not getting along with the franchise’s producers. However, she would again have a big part to play in the infamous Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, yet even in that mess, Kidder was still able to make the most of the material she was given, even though she would later say that the script for the film was “terrible” and “impossible to make a good movie out of.”

So, rest in peace, Margot. Superman and movie lovers everywhere tip their hats to you today.