Asexuality Thread

In response to overwhelming demand (well, five upvotes), I am posting this as a place for people who understand themselves as being somewhere on the asexuality spectrum to gather and discuss. As I observed when I floated the idea, sometimes it’s hard to find a critical mass of A’s on the LGBT+ thread, so maybe this will meet a need. If it gets a strong response maybe it will become semi-regular.

Any topics related to asexuality, gray-sexuality, demi-sexuality, etc. are on the table. I’d also like to make room here for the experiences of those who have found themselves to be chronically single despite having romantic and/or sexual desires. I know this may hew a bit too close to “incel” for some people’s comfort, but in my own experience the direction of the cause-effect arrow between “bad at romance” and “uninterested in romance” has not always been clear, and I’d like that and related ideas to be up for discussion. Keep it self-reflective and we should be fine.

I’m not going to forbid people who do not identify as asexual from participating here. Post away if you think you have something to add. But if the post if you have in mind is something to the effect of “Why don’t you just…” then we can probably do without it.

Requisite link to the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network.