“Mo Mommy Mo Problems” Bob’s Burgers S8 E19

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 19
Mo Mommy Mo Problems
Grade: C+

I’m generally not thrilled by Linda acting entitled and mean and not getting her comeuppance but a bucket of squirrel blood and the kids goes a long way. Bob trying to do rich people talk got pretty funny and Linda’s ‘momnipotency’ never got too unbearable due to how early on in the ordeal she realized that she’d made a terrible mistake.

Spencer’s mother was terrifying and Tina really sold her personal horror at all the taxidermy.

I’m never eating fruit roll ups again.

Not Throwin’ Away My Pot
Recycled Kitchenware

Is That Your Final Ant, Sir?

Random Observations:
• “A half bath? You disgust me.”
• “It’s so murdery up here!”
• “So you don’t collect spears?”
“I’m going to do it then.”