A Mother’s Day Day Thread

Hey now, it’s the second Sunday of May! Which my Army training tells me it’s going to be a hot mission…….errrrr I mean it’s Mother’s Day! (For like, a bunch of countries but not others.)

So on this day, we take the time to celebrate and honor the women who not only incubated us, but more importantly took their time to raise us. To show that we appreciate them, we buy gifts with cards that read horrible puns, serving breakfast in bed and paying the tab at dinner too, and finally cleaning out the Ska collection that’s been sitting in the closet for years SHAUN (yeah, you know what you did).

But, not everyone is lucky enough to have great mothers, or even be raised by a mother at all. In fact I’d imagine that a few of us might not have the most cordial relationships with our moms. Which is why I’d like to think that any women who helped be a beacon of guidance during childhood, especially that turbulent time between kid and adult, should just as well be celebrated this day.

So if you have any funny anecdotes or interesting stories to share of your mother and/or the women who loved you and inspired your life, don’t be to afraid to share, but no pressure if don’t want to.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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