Werewolf 61 – Werewolves for Novices – Signups

Welcome to Werewolves for Novices.

This game is geared toward newer players, so players who are new here will have priority over more experienced players. Please let me know your experience level when signing up so I can sort you appropriately.

For a primer on Werewolves, see Colonel Mustard’s excellent post here. This game will be very simple, using basic roles and standard rules (with flavor text added for the theme). The numbers may be adjusted, depending on your interest levels. The setup as described below is for 20 players.

Roles: Town-aligned
Town wins when all scum are eliminated.

  • 13 Vanilla Town (Novices) – You have no power but your daytime vote. Use it wisely.
  • 1 Jailer (Anchoress) – Each night, select another player to lock in their room. They are shielded from night actions, and cannot perform any night actions of their own. The jailer cannot target themself, and cannot target the same player on consecutive nights.
  • 1 Investigator (Confessor) – Each night, select a player to investigate. You will receive a response of “Wolf”, “Not a Wolf”, or “No Result”.

Roles: Scum-aligned

  • 4 Wolves – Wolves share a private chat to talk among themselves at any time. Each night, as a team, select a target to kill. Wolves win when all other players are dead, or their victory is mathematically certain.
  • 1 Serial Killer – Each night, select another player to kill. The Serial Killer wins when all other players are dead.

If signups fill up in time (and they historically fill up pretty quickly), I can start distributing roles this weekend and have the game running by Monday morning. Sign up in the comments below, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.