Riverdale S2E21 “Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgement Night” Liveblog



Last week on Serpents MC: So, we find out that Hal might not be the Black Hood, or he is.  I dunno. I don’t think they know. Who knows, whatever

we’rw introduced to the new sheriff who’s name I can’t remember. Let’s call him Pat. So Sheriff Pat is apperantly such a great Sheriff that he thinks it’s a great idea to ask a 15 year old to come with the police on a hunt for a killer. Genius. Not just an 15 year old, but Archie freakin Andrews. Top notch policing.

Betty just realized this week that she may have gotten Chic killed by serving him up to a killer. no shit

Either way Chic Franco might not be dead so he might come back which is the scariest thought of all.

Veronica impressed Da Families, so they’re offering her multiple teen peens so they can work with the Lodges

Midge was cheating on Moose with Fangs who is now suspected to be Midge’s killer because Southside. Josie’s Mom represents Fangs as his lawyer for some raisin. Joaquin comes back from San BlackMirrorReference to help. Hiram gets notably dumber but also more aggressive New Reggie to lead the Dark Circle to get Fangs after the cops release him which of course, leads to Fangs getting shot. Is he dead or nah, let’s find out