The Leftorium Loves Dennis Kucinich

Today is Voting Day in many states, and in the great state of Ohio, we have Dennis Kucinich on the ballot for governor, with Tara Samples as his Lieutenant Governor.

Kucinich is a man who was way ahead of his time on many things. He’s pushed for universal healthcare since the 1970s. Back in 2004, he was laughed at by Jon Stewart and many others when he pushed for full LGBT equality, saying he’d even vote for a transgender person as a Supreme Court Justice. You can see the video in the tweet below. It’s, well, disgusting.

Kucinich is a peacenik, a man of his word, and a man of principles. And when the ideals he’s carried with him his whole life finally give him the chance of becoming the nominee for governor, what happens? The corporate Dems say that he’s an Assad apologist and a Trump supporter. Kucinich has spoken out about the violence in Syria, and about the horrible things Assad has done, but he is also 100% against the US intervention in Syria. But that doesn’t matter. And yes he was a commentator on Fox News, and even has commended Trump on his ability to reach certain people. But that does not a Trump supporter make. He’s had issues with the idea of him potentially being wiretapped during the campaign because Kucinich himself had a strange brush with wiretapping. So you can see why a man like him would be skeptical of some of this. But again, that does not a Trump supporter make.

But who is Dennis Kucinich? He’s a man who will give you the shirt off your back. The furniture from your living room if you just moved in down the street and you look like you’re down on your luck. A man who believes divine intervention brought him to his wife Elizabeth after a meeting with his friend Ravi Shankar. A man who refused to sell the municipal electric system to a private company when he was the “boy mayor” of Cleveland, which set the city into default. Which, by the end of the day, ended up being the right move and he was celebrated for this by the City Council and ended up saving Cleveland citizens $195 million. He’s a man who knows what it’s like to be poor, to be sick, and still try and have the temerity to fight for what is right. He’s also a man who wants to turn the governor’s mansion into a homeless shelter, something he is absolutely not kidding about. He’s also got the fight for fifteen in his platform, he still backs full LGBT equality, wants Medicare for All in Ohio, ending for profit prisons and dismantling the prison industrial complex. Oh and fracking? He plans to ban that too and invest in clean energy alternatives and do his damnedest to clean up Lake Erie since that’s still the main water source for much of Ohio. And of course, he plans to legalize marijuana. Can’t leave that one out.

So Ohio voters, go out and vote Kucinich today. He’s almost everything we leftists are fighting for, condensed into a candidate in a midwest state. It would be great to see him and Abdul El-Sayed as the two leftist governors of the Great Lakes region come January 2019, wouldn’t it?