The Question Night Thread

When Vic Sage, a television investigative journalist, encountered stories he couldn’t investigate by normal, legal means, he donned a special mask (kept in his belt buckle) that made it appear that he had no face. As the Question, Sage investigated corruption in the face of all danger, leaving a blank “calling card,” which, when touched, emitted a smoky question mark.


Renée Montoya was a police officer in Gotham City. She was partnered with Harvey Bullock when she was promoted to homicide detective by Commissioner James Gordon. As partners, Bullock and Renée became close friends. After Bullock was promoted to Lieutenant, Crispus Allen became Renée’s new partner. Montoya was a long standing detective on the GCPD before being selected by The Question (Vic Sage) to pass on guidance. After his death, Montoya took up the “Question” identity to become his successor.



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